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February 2nd, 2012 by Stacie

Oops.  Had this post all typed up and never published.  It’s from November.  I’ll try to get a more recent one up soon…  and some pictures.  Definitely some pictures.

Wow, I’m so behind.  It makes me sad :-(   This site is so good for me to remember things.  Luckily, a lot of you can follow us on Facebook but this is just a better way to keep a running tab on the insanity that is our life!  Last time that I posted, both kids were sick.  This time its just Sophie Kay.  She’s got strep throat.  Fun.  Totally messed up our weekend plans for family pictures so I’m not sure when/if we will get to do them this year.  This makes me very sad.   It has been a gorgeous fall this year.  The colors are awesome and the weather has been pretty good.  A little too much hot/cold switcheroos… but overall- pretty good. 

Since I’m a total slacker, I have to go back through my Facebook posts to remember all that has gone on with us in the last several months… 

In June, Sophie had her baby dedication at church.  It was sweet- she’s such a good baby. 

Bryan and I celebrated 12 years together in June and 6 years married in September.  Wow. 

Took Gavin to see his first “real” movie at the theater in June- Gnomeo and Juliet- at the dollar theater.  He did great and has seen several more since then.

Cousin Peyton came to stay with us for a few weeks this summer.  Gavin LOVED having her here and still asks for her sometimes.

Sophie started sitting unassisted in mid- June (6.5 mos old). 

She mastered the walker by mid-July (7.5 mos old).  One day she walked it over to our (locking) trash can.  When she could get it open, she proceeded to knock  it over and then looked at me and clapped.  Then we stepped up our baby proofing efforts.

Gavin got sick- mystery fever- in July.

Sophie was crawling by August (8 mos old).

She was cruising around the furniture by September (9 mos old).

We all went to visit Grandma Farnsworth in Wisconsin in September.  It was a great trip.  Both kids are really such good little travellers!

Sophie had her first ear infection early-October.

She took her first steps on October 12 to Daddy (10 mos old).

She started climbing soon after (10.5 mos old). 

We went to Coralyn’s 5th birthday party in mid-October (5 already???)

We went on a big family cruise.  This was so much fun.  The kids did really well (all except for Sophie shrieking for attention throughout dinner).  Sadly, I suspect this is the source of her current contamination.

Gavin calls her Sophie Kayyyyy all drawn out.  I love it.

Sophie has gone from signing for more to actually saying “more”.  She has several words but doesn’t use any of them consistently yet.  Off the top of my head, we’ve heard Mama, Dada, Baba (Gabba/Gavin), Bye Bye, Dog, Ball, Book, Poop, and she shhh’d me once. 

She is super smiley all the time- a very happy baby.  All her teachers love her and brag about how good she is.  She is WAY more active than Gavin was at this age.  Busy busy busy all the time. 

After a very frustrating roller coaster ride trying to sell our house for 6 months, we decided to take down the listing and stay put.  Still not sure how long we can keep up this madness but selling in this market is just not an option for us right now.

Gavin’s speech has improved drastically.  But there is still the occasional word/phrase that takes us a while to decipher.  So here are some fun little Gavin-ism’s:

“Monkey Joes” = “Pinnochio”

“I like violence” = “I like violins”

“Coffee makes you cough.”

He just moved up to the next class at school.  This is the last age group before he starts pre-K next fall.  I can’t believe he will be 4 in a few months!  Time has really flown this year.

Next time I update, Sophie will be 1.  I can’t wrap my head around that yet.  I’m not as sad about it as I was with Gavin’s first birthday… maybe that will come in the next few weeks.  Or maybe now I know how much fun stuff lies ahead so I don’t feel quite so sad about leaving the baby days behind?  Who knows.  Regardless- I’m blessed beyond words and doing my best to soak it all up and enjoy every minute.  Some days I’m better at this than others.

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