It’s hot

June 5th, 2011 by Stacie

Man, it got hot so fast this year.  It is miserable out there already.  I’m already dreaming of fall.

We have 2 sick kiddos at the moment.  Why is it that I only find time to update this website when the kids are sick?  Gavin has Scarlet Fever- basically Strep Throat + a rash.  He hasn’t had much of a fever or any real symptoms other than the rash.  In fact, I was sure that was an allergic reaction and wasn’t even planning to take him to the Dr but since we were going to take Sophie anyway, Bryan said we might as well drag him along.  Good thing, huh?  Sophie on the other hand, has a fever that goes between 99 and 102 but the Dr couldn’t find anything wrong with her and her strep test was negative.  Go figure. 

Can you believe Sophie is already 6 months old?  I thought it flew by with Gavin but this is crazy fast.  Kinda makes me sad.  Sophie is doing great.  She eats solids now- pretty much any kind of baby food- she loves it all.  She has also just started sitting up this past week.  She’s still a little wobbly but she’ll have it down in no time.  She’s not too interested in crawling yet.  She’s a lot like Gavin was and hates being on her tummy.  She wants to sit up and look around but not too interested in moving around just yet.  That’s fine with me  for the moment ;-)   She’s also sticking her tongue out a lot.  And starting to learn some sign language.  So far, she can do “more” but not consistently.  Also working on “all done” before we move on to “Mommy” and “Daddy.”  Hoping to do more signs with her than we did with Gavin. 

Gavin is also doing great.  His speech is improving all the time but I still think he’s behind for his age so we are scheduled to start up with speech therapy again next month.   He is totally potty trained at this point.  He has occasional accidents but they are few and far between.  Nice to finally have that behind us.  Currently, his favorite activity is playing Mario on the gameboy.  He’s getting pretty good at it.  Funniest thing is that if you ask him what his name is, he’ll say ”I’m Mario.”  Hahaha!

Also, very cute at the moment is his bedtime prayers.  He goes through everyone in the family and says “Thank You Jesus for Mommy, Daddy, Sophie, Duchess, Grandy (Grannie has been converted to this!), Poppie, Katie, Grandpa, Nonnie, Aunt Megan and Terry (or Carrie- just depends on his mood)”, and on and on.  He eventually moves on to thanking Jesus for Mario, Angry Birds, and Eggos. 

Speaking of Eggos, this is his favorite breakfast food at the moment.  Other favorite foods are “Butter Sammiches” and beets.  Lots of beets.  The kid wants them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And not just any beets… crinkle cut beets.  These are not easy to find.  But he loves them.  So weird. 

Our life is crazier than ever.  I am only going into the office 3 days a week, but those 3 days are a marathon and leave me totally exhausted.   We have to stop this insanity.  Our house is on the market but we aren’t seeing a lot of action.  That’s pretty frustrating.  On the one hand, we love our house and community and really don’t want to move.  But on the other hand, we know we can’t keep up this pace forever and especially once Gavin starts school, we will be in a really sticky situation.  As it is, we have to leave at 6:30 am to be able avoid the major traffic.  How would we handle school drop off/pick up?  And there is no chance of any sports or other activities.  There is just no time.  So we know we have to move… just not sure if now is our time or not. 

OK, enough talkie talkie.  Time for some pictures!  You will notice these pictures are mostly of Sophie.  Gavin has decided he is too cool for photos.  Hoping he gets over this little aversion soon.

For a child who won’t take a paci… she sure does like to play with them!

A rare non-screaming tummy time moment:

There he is… skillfully avoiding eye contact with the camera:

Just before her first haircut!

And after… it was just a tiny trim- trying to get things growing to hide the lovely bald spot in the back :o )

Sleeping on Daddy’s chest.  Ignore the drool spots, please.

Here’s my handsome boy!

This was the best picture I could get of her outfit for cousin Brian’s wedding:

Gavin’s first swim lesson- he screamed most of the first lesson.  But he likes it now:

And lastly, Bryan and I went to Disney for the re-opening of Star Tours for Bryan’s early birthday present.  Look who greeted us as we entered the park:

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