Magic 3′s

March 3rd, 2011 by Stacie

Today is 3-3. 

Gavin is 3 years, 3 weeks, and 3 days old.

Sophie is 3 months old.

Pretty cool, eh?  I thought I should commemorate the date with an update!

Let’s start with an update on Sophie… She is smiling and cooing and so much fun now.  She is holding her head up pretty well and basically is a very happy girl most of the time.  She weighs about 13 lbs and is doing great with nursing.   She HATED the car/carseat at first, but she’s getting better now.  Good thing since we have such a long commute!  She LOVES her baths.  She loves napping on Daddy’s chest.  No one can put her to sleep like he can.  Every once in a while she will catch sight of her big brother and just smile and laugh.  I can’t wait to see them start playing together.  She started daycare 3 weeks ago and is doing great- it didn’t phase her a bit.  I’ve learned that my kids NEED that structure and interaction.  Her teachers tell me that she “talks” all day long and that whenever they are doing circle time with the older babies, she has to be part of the group or she fusses and cries.  She is very social already!

Gavin is still struggling with illnesses.  This has been a tough season for the little guy.  He had a cold a few weeks ago which progressed to a sinus infection.  Then he started scratching up his face terribly.  Looked awful and just wouldn’t heal.  So we went back to the Dr and he told us that the scratches on the face were probably staph or strep from the runny nose.   So he just finished the antibiotics for that a week ago and now it looks like he’s got another cold starting up!

We are settling into our new routine now that I’m back at work and we have TWO daycare drop offs.  That’s pretty crazy but I know that it’s really the best option right now.  Gavin is doing so well with his new school- his language has really come so far.  And potty training… that took a major hit in the first couple months after Sophie was born.  But he’s finally getting back on track and best of all- he’s pooping in the potty!  Once we finish this pack of Pull Ups, we are back to all underwear all the time! 

So here’s the pictures.  Hope you enjoy!

Mean Mommy: 




Happy Birthday Gavin!


Mickey Mouse Candy Apple:

The Magical World of Harry Potter:

Mmmmmmmmm… Butterbeer!


How to get a 3 year old to stand in line:

This one needs explanation- we swaddle Sophie to sleep so her arms are wrapped up tight.  After we unswaddle her, she stretches her arms up above her head for like 15 minutes.  It’s hilarious.


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