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4 weeks

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

This month is a total blur.  I figured I better go ahead and do an update or there is no chance of me remembering any of it!  Sophie will be 4 weeks old tomorrow.  She’s doing great.  Breastfeeding is going pretty well- easier than Gavin in many ways but I’m still supplementing a little with formula which I would love to stop doing.  But then again, I remember how liberating it was to be able to give Gavin that formula and still nurse him as well.  Best of both worlds.  So who knows, I may end up following that same pattern again.  I’m just trying not to stress about it too much because that makes the whole thing that much harder.  She goes back to the pediatrician on Monday for a weight check.  I think she’s gaining- she seems a little fluffier to me anyway :-)   And I know she’s getting taller because she’s already outgrown her newborn outfits and moved into 0-3 mos.  Her little belly button still hasn’t fallen off yet and I’m getting tired of waiting!  She can’t wear a lot of her cute outfits b/c the pants would hurt that belly button.  Maybe the doc will have some advice for us on Monday.

Speaking of the doctor… we have had more visits than I would have liked.  Not for Sophie, but for Gavin!  First of all, he had a terrible runny nose so I took him along for Sophie’s last visit.  This was a stupid idea, by the way.  Even though my mom came along to help, it is just too hard to have 1 sick kid and 1 well kid and try to get them both checked out but keep them apart.  I won’t try that one again.  Anyway, runny nose had caused an ear infection so we started antibiotics.  I figured that would be the end of it.  Wrong again…

About 5 days later, we noticed Gavin was limping.  I couldn’t see anything wrong and he didn’t seem bothered by it, so we sent him to school.  But I called to check on him a few hours later and his teacher said it was worse and he was actually stumbling.  Uh oh.  So my mom and Kim had to come to the rescue and we took him to Childrens.  They did x-rays and couldn’t find anything so just called it a sprain and said to have him take it easy.  Yeah right.  So he couldn’t go to school.  Great.  Then I had Bryan take him back to the pediatrician a couple days later and they diagnosed him with Toxic Synovitis.  Yeah, I had never heard of it either.  Basically, it’s the body’s reaction to some sort of virus/infection.  So the ear infection from the week before had caused inflammation in his hip and now he could barely walk!  Oh, and the ear infection was still there so we had to start a new antibiotic.  So my poor boy was limping for Christmas.  It was so sad!  It has been 10 days now and the limp is almost gone but not completely.  Leave it to Gavin to get some of the weirdest illnesses ever imagined. 

So Christmas was a blur.  I don’t even think we took any pictures :-(   We have just been in survival mode.  This includes potty training.  There was really no way Gavin could go potty last week when he couldn’t even walk, so we had to go back to Pull Ups.  I’m pretty discouraged at the moment b/c this is a MAJOR regression.  He was almost totally potty trained before Sophie was born and now we are just using Pull Ups all the time again.  I’m pretty sad.  I really hope that he can get back to daycare next week and get back into his routine and maybe they can help us sort this out. 

Well, I guess that’s all.  I know I’m forgetting a ton of stuff but that’s life at the moment.  Happy New Year to everyone!

Sophie’s sneak peek

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Here is our sneak peek from Sophie’s newborn photo session.  Thanks Jodylynn- we love them!

Sophie Kay

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Sophie Kay was born on Friday December 3, 2010!!!

Weight: 7 lbs, 9 oz

Height: 19 3/4 inches

Time of Birth: 7:52 am

Well, I had intended to do a post sooner than now but honestly we’ve been a little bit busy!  Our life has become a bit chaotic this week but we’re hanging in there.  Here’s a quick birth story and an update on us and some pictures…

I was scheduled to have a c-section at 7:30 am on 12/3/10.  Earlier that week, we thought she might decide to come on her own but she never did so we went ahead as scheduled.  We got up early on Friday morning and got to the hospital around 5:30 am.  It was very bizarre sitting there in the waiting room waiting for them to call me back to have my baby.  We finally went back to the pre-op room at 6:00 am and they got me all ready to go.  I was feeling pretty nervous at this point and just ready to get going.  They took me back to the operating room at exactly 7:31 am.  Did my spinal and then let Bryan come in.  It was only a few minutes after he came in that the anesthesiologist said she was coming out!  Funniest thing was that the doctors told us that she was just jabbering away before they even pulled her out.  Turned her head and looked right at the Dr and just started jabbering!  How cute is that?  She has a head full of dark brown hair and looks a lot like Gavin did. 

So things went about as smoothly as possible.  My recovery has been a bit harder this time though.  I attribute this to a few things… first of all, Gavin was in the NICU the whole time I was in the hospital and we stayed the entire 4 nights + 1 night rooming in the NICU.  While this was hard on me emotionally, it really did allow me to heal physically much faster than most c-section patients.  This time, Sophie was in the room with us most of the time- we only sent her to the nursery at night.  While this was wonderful, it definitely impacted my healing time as well.    Also, we went home after only 3 nights.  And even more importantly, I came home to a rambunctious toddler and I probably over-did it with him that first night at home.  Stupid stupid stupid. 

Luckily, I have the most amazing husband and family.  Bryan was probably so ready to get back to work today- he has had to work so hard taking care of me and Sophie and everything else!  Nonnie and Granny have been a huge help too… I don’t know how we would do this without them!

So here we are- Sophie is 6 days old.  We went to the pediatrician yesterday and he gave her a clean bill of health.  She did lose a good bit of her birth weight and is down to 6 lbs 11 oz- which is totally normal for a breastfed baby.  We are supplementing a little with formula right now but are hoping to phase that out as well over the next week.  She is a very good baby- sleeps pretty well- we actually have to wake her up to eat! 

And then there’s Gavin…  he’s had a lot of adjustments in the last few months and this is the biggest one of all.  His first visit to see us in the hospital was a little overwhelming.  I think he was just scared to see mommy like that in the hospital bed.  But since we’ve been home, he’s VERY excited about the baby.  Maybe a little TOO excited.  Hopefully he will calm down a little in the next few days as he gets more used to her being here and I heal a little more and am able to give him some extra attention.  Right now, he’s a little too rough for me and I’m afraid he’ll hurt my incision if he gets too close.  But it’s getting a little better each day.

So here’s some pictures, since I know that’s really all any of you care about anyway :-)

Waiting to go back to the OR:


Getting ready to go home:

Big Brother:

 And lastly… some pictures from Gavin’s visit to Santa… he did ok this year- made it till the very end before he started to cry.  He did have to take his lovie with him.  Santa was a good sport about it: