Sophie’s Room

November 20th, 2010 by Stacie

Sophie’s room is pretty much finished.  Still missing the curtain and the rest of her bedding, but all in all- it’s done.  I must admit, I had a much harder time settling on a design for this room than for Gavin’s.  There are too many options for girls!  So in the end, it is sort of a mixture of my favorite components.  Obviously, LOTS of pink :-)   With some chocolate brown accents.  Birds and trees.  And a couple pigs too.  They don’t really follow the theme at all but I loved them so they found their way into the room. 

 First up, a DIY project that kept me busy for a few weeks mid-pregnancy.  I made this bird mobile myself.  It wasn’t hard- just time consuming.  I bought all the supplies at Michaels for less than $10.  The hoops are just wooden embroidery hoops that I painted chocolate brown.  I cut the birds out by hand from regular card stock and strung them together using fishing line.  Then hung the whole thing by some chocolate ribbon.  Pretty, huh?

This little birdhouse was another DIY project.  I bought the wooden house unfinished at Michaels and just painted it myself.  The flying pig was too cute not to include:

And another pig that I couldn’t resist:

Found this little bird statue at Kohls.  This was the shape that I used to cut out the birds for the mobile above:

This tree canvas has been hanging in our living room for years and I decided to move it up to her room as a place holder.  I have a much nicer frame that I planned to put here with one of her newborn pictures later.  But the longer this one is here, the more I like it.  So I might be putting the other frame some place else…

Her name is a vinyl decal from dali decals dot com.  Check them out!

 That little pig on the ottoman is actually a piggy bank that makes a magical noise everytime you drop a coin in.  Gavin loves playing with it…

My family will recognize this one… it’s my old dollhouse that Grandad Williams made for me.  With a slight facelift.  I repainted the exterior a tan color.  My original plan was to also repaint the shutters chocolate brown but it took me so long to paint the rest and I kind of like the blue so for now, it stays.  Gavin and my psychotic cat have done a number on the inside furnishings so I will be redecorating the inside slowly over time.   I have found some pretty neat stuff online so stay tuned :-)

The paper lanterns came from Amazon…

This tree decal came from Etsy seller Simple Shapes.  If you have never checked out etsy dot com, you must- they have so many cute and original items! 

So that’s it.  Now we just need this little girl to make her appearance!  Dr. says any day now, but so far I’m not having any real action and I’m not in too big of a hurry either.  We’d like her to at least stay put through Thanksgiving this week!  We’ll see…

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