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October 30th, 2010 by Stacie

Whew- I can finally post again!  Thanks Jeff for fixing this thing- it’s different but I’ll get used to it!  So here’s an update on us…  I am now 34 weeks pregnant and feeling HUGE.  I have a c-section scheduled for Friday, December 3.  So unless Sophie decides to come on her own before then, I have about 5 weeks left.  Physically, I am already exhausted.  But I still have so much to do!  Mostly, it’s just normal aches and pains.  I am also having a few contractions already, but nothing to be concerned about- Dr. says its totally normal with number 2.  

Now for an update on Gavin… first and foremost, Gavin is now officially potty trained!  We did a 3 day potty training boot camp and while it was definitely hard on Mommy and Daddy, it did work.  Basically, it consists of throwing away ALL the diapers and switching to big boy underwear cold turkey.  The whole weekend consists of nothing but positive reinforcement and lots of liquids so that the child gets plenty of practice.  It clicked for Gavin at 4 pm on day 2.  That’s not to say that we never had any more accidents- we definitely did and still do occasionally.  But 95% of the time he’s got it down!  He hasn’t even wet the bed in almost 3 weeks!  We are still mastering poops but hopefully he will master that pretty soon.  The most interesting part about his potty training has been a significant increase in his speech.  I’m not sure if it’s all the extra attention from us or all the positive reinforcement or if he was finally just ready, but he is definitely talking a lot more and we are loving every minute of it!  As I type this, he is yelling at the UGA vs. FL game with Daddy and it’s hilarious!

Monday will be his first day at a new school.  This has been a very hard decision for me.  I am an emotional basket case from all the hormones as it is, and the thought of not having him near me at work everyday is breaking my heart.  Gavin has always gone to the daycare center at my office and I have loved having him close by.  But they are going through an ownership transition at the moment and we don’t think it’s the best place for him anymore.  His new school is halfway between our house and the office, so that means Gavin will be spending a lot less time stuck in the car- which I’m sure he will appreciate!  But I’m definitely nervous about all the changes he’s got going on at the moment- potty training, new school, and new baby.  Please keep him in your thoughts this week and pray for an easy transition for ALL of us!

His new daycare has an 18 month waiting list for the infant room so Sophie will be going to daycare at my office still.  Gavin’s old teacher is still there and we LOVE her.  Plus, it will be so much more convenient having her there while I’m breastfeeding.  I dread having TWO daycare dropoffs, but we’ll have to make it work for Sophie’s first year. 

OK, enough already… ready for some pictures?

First up, these are a few of our most recent professional pictures and I am sooooo happy with them!  To check out the photographer, visit her website here: www.photosbybrooke.com


Now, for some pictures of Gavin’s big boy room- I’ll give you one guess on who picked the theme :-)   Sophie’s room is nearly finished so I’ll post some pictures of that soon.

And some more fun pics of the little man:

Gavin’s Pirate Pumpkin (and the BEFORE from his haircut):

and AFTER the haircut.  Big difference, huh?

And finally, here is Gavin’s Halloween Costume.  Sorry for the quality- took it with my iphone:

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