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Friday, August 6th, 2010

OK OK, I screwed up. I haven’t updated in forever. And I’m sorry. Really, I am. Because this is a great way to capture our memories and has really come in handy when I needed to remember when we did something. And now, I’ve lost 6+ months. And when I say I lost it, I really mean, it’s gone. I never even bothered to upload our pictures from our digital camera since my last post and sadly, I lost the camera on our return flight from Hawaii last month. Trust me, no one feels worse than me about this. It makes me sick :-( . So, please, if you have any pictures of us from the last several months, please share them with me so that I can at least have SOMETHING. The good news is that we now have a new camera plus a Flip video recorder so I do have some stuff to share- it just may not be immediate :-)

As for us, there is quite a bit going on in our lives at the moment. In case you haven’t heard, we are expecting baby #2 in early December! This one is a girl and her name is Sophie Kay. We are pretty excited and doing a lot to get ready. I am currently 22 weeks along and doing okay at the moment. This pregnancy has definitely been a lot harder than my first. I had terrible morning sickness this time, compounded by a bout of stomach flu and then a few other illnesses. I was very happy to move out of the 1st trimester and leave all that behind. Of course, then my thyroid levels started playing games and it took another month or so to sort that out. I am currently on the highest dose of thyroid medication that I have ever taken, but at the moment, my levels seem stable. I have overdone it the last few weeks so my back is really hurting right now. I’m doing everything that I can to minimize it- stretches, applying heat, feet elevated, etc. But I think I probably need to just take it easy for a few days and let those muscles heal. So Bryan has agreed to take Gavin duty this weekend while I take it easy for a couple days. Hopefully, I will feel like a new person on Monday!

It is so hot and miserable here. As usual, I am desperate for fall to get here. I’m watching the weather in Wisconsin at the moment and as soon as those temperatures drop a little, I think we may be coming up there for a visit and to get an early dose of the cool air! Bryan will be going to Colorado for a UGA game in October and I’m also planning a trip to Asheville, NC with some girlfriends that month. And Bryan and I are thinking about going to Hershey, PA so I can go back to the chocolate spa. Basically, we’re trying to squeeze in a few more trips before we have another newborn. Not that Sophie won’t be travelling. I’m already thinking of a February trip to Disney and yes, she will be coming along!

And finally, an update on Gavin… He is so much fun- he is just funny and sweet and such a good boy. We moved him into his big boy bed a few weeks ago and he did so great. He was a little upset for his first nap but that was more because his room was in complete dissaray. By bedtime that night, we had most of it straightened out and he crawled right in and layed down. Haven’t had a problem at all. The funny thing is that I’m not sure that he actually realizes that he can get out of bed on his own now. He will sit in his bed and wait for me every morning. When he needed his cup the other night, he called for me to come get it for him even though it was only about 3 feet away! Too funny. I won’t be telling him he can climb out though :-) His speech has been very slow to start but he is saying new words everyday. We started speech therapy yesterday and we are working on techniques that will encourage him to ask us for what he needs instead of us just automatically providing it or playing a guessing game. It’s tough, but worth it.

OK so that’s enough rambling, I think. Hopefully I can update with some pictures and videos this weekend. I’m also working on getting my thoughts together for Sophie’s nursery so I may also post some inspiration pics of that too. Let’s just say that the main theme is definitely going to be PINK. Shocker, huh?