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Finally some pictures…

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

We begin with Gavin’s most recent haircut.  This was by far the most drastic haircut so far- he looked like such a big boy.  He wasn’t really excited about it when we first got to the chair- it took Daddy and the haircut lady holding his arms while I pushed his little butt into the seat and strapped him in!  But once she bribed him a sucker, he simmered down and watched tv.

And here he is passed out in the carseat sporting his new do- hard to really see, but trust me, he was HANDSOME.  Of course, it’s all grown out again and he needs another one!

Next up, we have Gavin’s play area which has been recently revamped with the addition of his new Christmas presents- check out his art easel and Pirate Ship- those are his current favorites:

And here is a close up of the backside of that pirate ship:

Now for some pictures from Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take many photos- seeing as we were too sick to get off the sofa most days.  But here are a few of Gavin checking out the snow.  Also note the paci… this is the last time you will see that- we are now completely paci free!

It was very pretty though…

This is pretty much all Gavin wanted to do in the snow…

step in… step out… step in… step out…

We have some videos too, so maybe I’ll figure out how to upload them this weekend!


The Plague & The Ice Age

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

It has been a rough couple of weeks!  We left on Christmas Day to go to Wisconsin.  Gavin had a slight cough that morning so we started breathing treatments before we left.  He was fine at Grandma’s house… a little fussy and still had the cough, but mostly ok.  But I knew by the time we got up to the place we were going to be staying all week that things were not good.  We went out to dinner that night and Gavin was very fussy and actually fell asleep in my arms which he hasn’t done since he was a baby.  We had a rough night and Sunday just got worse.  By next morning, we were at the Urgent Care center as soon as they opened.  At this point, I knew what we were dealing with.  The shallow breaths and unproductive coughs were exactly the symptoms from his last bout of pneumonia.  Add to that some nasty stuff coming out of his ear and I knew my boy was SICK.  I told the Dr what I thought and he listened to him and said he didn’t think it was pneumonia but would do the x-rays anyway.  15 minutes later and yep… I was right.  So they gave him a shot of steroids and sent us to Walmart to get antibiotics and other meds.  He laid around for the next 2 days and slept a lot and watched a ton of disney movies.  He was so cuddly and sweet- I know he felt bad, but I have to admit that I enjoyed all that snuggling :-)   By Wednesday, he was starting to get some of his spunk back and was throwing some major temper tantrums so I knew he was on the mend.  I thought we might still be able to salvage the last couple days of our vacation and actually get out of the house… ummm, not so much.

I woke up with a scratchy throat on Thursday morning.  By that afternoon it had progressed to severe congestion and runny nose.  Back to Walmart for some cold meds for me…  I felt horrible on Friday- completely congested and not able to breathe very well.  By the next day, Bryan was starting to feel stuffy too.  So we loaded up on the Sudafed and boarded the plane- knowing it would be a hard flight with the air pressure.  Taking off was ok, but the change in air pressure coming back down was AWFUL.  Next morning, we paid a visit to our local urgent care where the Dr informed me that I probably had pneumonia too (no x-ray to confirm it but he just treated it anyway).  He practically ran out of the room to get away from us!  Gave us both a shot of steroids and some antibiotics.  Bryan started feeling better but not me.  By Tuesday, I was back in my regular Dr’s office begging for something else.  My ears were hurting so bad that I was sure I had an ear infection- but nope they were clear!  Apparently the air pressure from our flight did some real damage and they are going to have to heal.  She gave me a new round of meds and I spent another day at home.  I finally came back to work on Thursday after 2 full weeks off, but still not feeling 100%.  The worst part is that I still feel like I’m in a cave- my ears are really messed up! 

Then we had the “snow storm.”  As we all know, Georgians panic when the temp drops and stuff is falling from the skies.  I was honestly too exhausted from my illness to do the customary stop for bread and milk on the way home and figured it would be a tiny amount of snow- no big deal.  Well, I was partly right.  There was the tiniest dusting of snow on the ground, but under that was some pretty nasty ice.  My office was closed and when we tried to head out at noon to take Bryan to work, we found that the hill in our driveway was covered in ice.  We couldn’t get out no matter what we tried.  So we were stuck inside all day eating old leftovers and whatever else I could scrounge out of the bare pantry.  It was crazy- the roads were completely dry and clear, but the sun was just not hitting our driveway so the ice never melted.  My mom finally came and rescued us on Saturday and we thawed out by Sunday. 

So here we are, hopefully getting back to “normal” this week.  I’ll add some pictures and videos later, but for now… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!