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1 year old

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

A year?  Really?  Are you sure this isn’t some sort of calendarific mistake?  Do you honestly expect me to believe that 12 whole months have gone by since that night in the hospital?  Because it seems like yesterday to me.  I refuse to accept this.  He is still my tiny little baby and he will be that way forever.  OK, so maybe not so tiny… but he WILL be my baby forever.

Gavin has had a busy month.  First and most importantly, he is officially WALKING!  He really started the week before his birthday and he’s got it down now.  We finally caved to Granny and got him some walking shoes.  He hated them.  When we first put them on, he just stood there in the store like his feet were glued to the floor.  Then he just sat down.  He wouldn’t even butt scoot in them.  Just sat there and looked at me with this pathetic “why did you do this to me?” expression on his face.  He is used to them now though.  By the way, he has ginormous feet.  I wanted to get him the super flexible early walker shoes at Stride Rite because that is what the doctor reccommended.  But they only go up to a size 5 and he is already in a 5 1/2 and could probably wear a 6!!!  So needless to say, his new shoes look huge on his feet.  Along with the walking, my clumsy little boy has had several bumps and bruises this month.  Mommy really needs him to be more careful!

His birthday party was a huge success.  He loved his cake and did a great job smashing it all over his face.  I made the cake and it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself.  The icing filled diapers that followed were not so cute :-P   Somehow, I think my trial run cake turned out better, but hey- go figure.  Thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate- it was a great time!

He has now cut his 3rd tooth and I can see the 4th one and maybe a couple others that are about ready to push through.  I guess our doctor was right and they are all going to come in at once.  He has had a couple of other bugs lately- a rash on his face, arms, and legs that just wouldn’t go away.  And a cold/virus that turned into an ear infection.  He’s on antibiotics now, so hopefully he’ll be all better soon.

Oh, and as for talking, Gavin is really babbling a lot more now, but he’s not really saying a lot of words yet.  He says Dada sometimes and DuhDuh or ChuhChuh (his words for Duchess) more than anything else.  You know, it’s really nice that he loves the dog so much, but is it really asking too much for an occassional Mama?  I don’t think so.

Oh and pointing!  He started pointing and it is the cutest thing ever!  We’ll ask him to point to Duchess and he’ll point to her or Dada or whatever.  And if he can’t find what we ask him to point to… he just waives his little finger in the air!  Love it!  We are also working on blowing kisses.  He has done it a few times but he’s really stubborn about that one.  Oh and he likes to shake his booty and dance when he hears music playing.  This is such a fun age.  I know I’ve said that at every stage, so I guess that just means that we think it’s all fun!  

Last week we got some sad news and Gavin would like for everyone to please say a special prayer for his uncle Brent!  We are thinking about you!

So here’s some pics and some videos from the last month… enjoy!

Hey Daddy, how many of these can I fit in there?

I think I see something in there…

Gavin loves this toy.  He pushes the button and then shakes his booty while it sings the ABC’s.

Gavin’s 1st Birthday!

This is after the party- he crashed from the sugar high!

Look at his giant feet!

Cute Duchess napping in the sunshine…

Gavin’s new favorite game to play with Daddy:


Gavin does the weird growling thing when he gets sleepy.  He just kind of spaces out and makes this groaning/growling sound…


Gavin’s 1st steps… only a couple…



Now he’s got it!