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Doing the Butt Shuffle

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Gavin has become proficient at a skill that can only be called the “butt shuffle.”  He scoots across the floor on his butt.  Not sure exactly how, but one minute he’s on one side of the room and the next he’s on the other side.  He’s also getting pretty good at standing and walking while holding onto the coffee table, bed rail, or around the perimeter of his play pen.  Forget crawling- that’s not gonna happen!  He’s going straight for walking.  We finally started baby proofing this week.  What a pain. Still no teeth at this point, I’d like to say I think they are close, but I really can’t feel anything breaking through yet.  Right now, he’s not feeling so great.  He’s had an upset tummy for the last 3 days and basically every diaper change has been a dirty diaper.  Poor guy.  Poor mommy and daddy too!  But no fever and he’s not getting dehydrated.  He’s still his normal happy self.  Such a good baby!

We’ve been busy, as always.  Two weeks ago, Mommy went to Hershey, PA to the Chocolate Spa.  It was heaven, but I sure did miss my boys.  Then last weekend, we all went to Disney World for Gavin’s first time!  We had a great time with Granny and Uncle Chris and Aunt Corrie and Cousin Coralyn.  Gavin did awesome!  He was totally happy to just ride around in his stroller all day (and all night!).  He liked all the rides, but “It’s a Small World” sort of subdued him into this trans like state.  There’s a picture of it below- the one where his eyes are glazed over!  He did great on the plane as well.  He’s really becoming a good little traveler.  By the end of this year, he will have gone on 7 trips for a total of 4 states, 2 countries, and 14 flights!  All in a 6 month time span!  Pretty good for a baby, huh?

Next week is Thanksgiving.  That is so hard to believe!  Time has flown by!  It’s almost time for Christmas decorations.  We’ve already been listening to Christmas music.  Gavin likes it and it’s a nice break from Baby Einstein for us.

Well, that’s enough from me.  Enjoy the pictures.  I’ve got a bunch this time!

Daddy seems to think that if he gives Gavin an X-box controller, he’ll learn how to play it sooner.  We shall see.

I just love this picture.  Especially his unbuttoned pants!

This is Gavin getting ready for lunch at school.  Isn’t he so cute in the big boy chair?

OK, here’s the one from “It’s a Small World”.  As soon as we got in the tunnel with the music, he just zoned out!

Coralyn in “It’s a Small World”

Chris and Coralyn on the Carousel

Gavin trying to pull the Sword in the Stone

On the train at the Magic Kingdom:

Tired boy…

The kids loved meeting the characters…

Gavin was especially interested in their noses:

I just love the look on Chris and Coralyn’s face here!

Again with the nose:

And of course Chris had to PICK Pluto’s nose!

My handsome boys:

Our first family picture at Cinderella Castle:

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

OK, so I’m a little late… but give me a break- I’m a kinda busy here!  Last weekend we went to Texas for Colin’s birthday with Granny.  We all went to Six Flags and had a great time.  Of course, Gavin slept through most of it… but that’s a pretty successful outing these days! 

OK, let’s get to some stats- Gavin weighs around 22 lbs these days (not sure exactly, since we have been to the Dr in a while- knock wood).  He has pretty much outgrown his infant carseat.  But the big carseat that we had for him won’t work in our car, so we had to order a new one… it should be here this week.  As far as moving around, he is defintely getting very wiggly but still no signs of crawling.  He is standing on his own holding on to the side of the crib or coffee table, but not trying to walk at all yet.  But he REALLY enjoys standing up.  He makes us hold his waist so that he can stand up all the time.  And he just has this big cheesy grin on his face- like he’s so proud of himself! 

He has also moved into the big hugs and kisses phase and I cannot get enough.  When I pick him up he will throw his arms around my neck and squeeze so tight and if I’m really lucky, he’ll smoosh his big open mouth into my cheek and give me a big slobbery wet kiss!  He is also babbling more now.  This week his new sound was Dadadada.  Of course, Bryan is SURE this was his first word ;-)   But I know he’s made the Mamama sound before… of course that one only comes out when he’s mad at me.  Like if I’m changing his diaper and he wants to be playing… he’ll say it.  It just comes out more like “MehMeh” in this really whiney, irritated voice!  Guess I better get used to it. 

Gavin was a monkey for Halloween on Friday.  There are a couple of pics of him in his costume down below.  Enjoy!

These are our sneak peeks from our family photo shoot with Jody.  She did a great job, and I can’t wait to see the rest.  Check her out at



Pictures from the Play Park- Gavin loves the swings!

OK, now I don’t know why he looks like such a hoss in this picture- but it’s so funny, I HAD to include it!  He looks like he’s going to eat me!

Now, this is more like my sweet boy…

And here’s the big boy standing up in his play pen…

Passed out at Six Flags

Halloween Pics