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Happy Fall, Y’all!

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

We’ve had such a nice weekend!  I got a new camera last week and now we’re back in business!  First we went to the zoo on Friday with Poppie.  It was great weather and all the animals were right up close.  I got some good pictures to share.  The orangutans were especially cute.  Check out the picture of them about to kiss.  They actually did a couple times but I haven’t quite figured out the timing on my new camera yet! 

On Saturday, we went to a pumpkin patch.  Again, the weather was great and this was a really nice farm.  We will definitely go back next year.  I got lots of great pics of Gavin with the pumpkins- although he was much more interested in eating grass. 

 Today, we went to church and came home and mommy cooked a ton of meals to freeze while daddy and Gavin played.  Gavin never took a nap though, so he is currently passed out on the living room floor.  There is also a picture of this :-)

Tomorrow is Columbus Day so mommy has the day off but daddy has to work :-(   Hopefully mommy and Gavin will get to go to the park and swing for a while. 

 I hope everyone else is enjoying this weather as much as we are.  I LOVE FALL!

Gavin’s favorite new trick… removing his socks!

Yummy toes…

I love bath time…

Baby gorilla

Daddy gorilla

Kissing Orangutans

Naked Mole Rat


At the pumpkin patch…

Sleepy time…

And just in case you weren’t aware of the cuteness…

This one just makes me smile…


Early to bed… Early to rise.

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Ugh, Gavin does not seem to understand the concept of sleeping in on the weekends.  So here I am at 7 am on a Sunday morning playing on the computer while he sits happily in his play pen and Daddy gets to sleep in.  I have been very bad about updating this site- sorry about that.  Things have just been so busy lately. 

 So here’s what’s been going on with us in the last month…  Mommy went to St. Thomas for work.  It was beautiful, but very hot and humid, and I got eaten alive by no-see-ums (these tiny bugs that bite).  Those bites are awful!  They itched for almost 3 weeks and the marks won’t heal!  I must have had 2o bites.  As soon as I got back, we got on another plane and went to Phoenix for the UGA vs. AZ State game.  Well, Daddy, Poppie, Uncle Brent, and Cousin Marshall went to the game.  But Gavin and Mommy, Grannie, Aunt Kim, and cousin Peyton stayed at the nice hotel :-)   It was really hot out there too, but still a very nice getaway.  Gavin did really well on the plane ride out there, but was not so cooperative coming home.  Oh well- we made it.  Some people think we are crazy for trying to travel with him as much as we do, but we just really want him to learn to love it as much as we do as early as possible.  So if that means hauling a bunch of baby stuff through the airports and dealing with his occasional outbursts on the plane… so be it.

 Now, as for Gavin, he has certainly mastered the art of sitting up.  We went to cook in front of you (Japanese Hibachi) last night and he sat in his high chair like a big boy and watched everything.  He loves it!  He’s still not even close to crawling but every once in a while he will lean forward while he’s sitting and it looks like he’s getting into position to go somewhere, but as soon as he realizes it- SPLAT- flat on his face!  He has definitely become more wiggly though.  If he’s in your lap and he starts to have a wiggle fit, there is really no way to hold on to him.  He’s gotten so strong now!  He is very tall for his age so people always think he is older than 8 mos.  When I tell them that, they look at me like I’m crazy or something.  Too funny.  Oh, and he is in this phase where he sticks his tongue out All THE TIME.  Everytime someone walks into the room- he gives them a big cheesy grin and then sticks his tongue out.  It’s his official greeting.  And if he’s really happy to see you- he’ll blow a big wet raspberry.  Nice.

It’s beautiful weather now- fall is my favorite time of year.  So this Friday, we are going to try to go to the zoo with Poppie.  Gavin will probably enjoy it- he loves to go for walks and he loves to people watch and look at new things- so I expect this to be a big hit. 

I don’t have very many pictures to post b/c I still don’t have a new camera.  But here’s what I have and I’m going to try to get a new camera soon (like today).

Sunset in St. Thomas

My not-so-little iguana friend by the pool.

Here is iggy just before he decided to join me on my chaise lounge…

And here he is ON my chaise lounge.  My foot was there just seconds before.  Yeah- I’ve never moved so fast in my life!

Gavin enjoying his bouncy seat… he’s almost outgrown this favorite toy :-(

Sleeping in his jumperoo

Getting ready to watch the UGA game in the Man Pit