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Almost 7 months old!

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

So hard to believe!  Gavin had a tough week, he got another sore throat… 4th one in a row.  Since it’s not strep, they won’t do antibiotics so he just has to suffer through.  This was by far the hardest though.  We had our first sleepless night.  I know- it’s insane that we made it 7 mos without having a bad night!  He didn’t eat much for about 4 days straight and actually lost half a pound in 48 hrs!  But he’s over it now and back to his usual happy self.  And apparently he’s trying to make up for the weight he lost b/c he’s eating everything in sight!  The Dr’s are not sure why he keeps getting these sore throats.  It’s an odd illness for a baby his age and none of the other kids at daycare seem to be getting them.  We are trying some Zantac in case its caused by Reflux irritating his throat.  Here’s his stats from this week’s appointment:

Weight- 18.8 lbs (75%)

Height- 27 3/4 in (90%)

Head Circumference- 17 3/4 in (90%)

He is doing great and has hit all the main developmental milestones.  He’s sitting on his own really well and the Dr was impressed with that as its more of an 8 month milestone.  He can roll over, but rarely does b/c he hates being on his tummy.  The Dr said this is fine and that he may not ever even crawl… might just go straight to standing and walking.  For now though, he’s pretty content to just sit still- and we are pretty thankful for that!

 Here’s some recent pics of the cutie pie.  I haven’t been taking as many lately b/c my camera is a pain right now.  Hopefully I’ll get a new one soon and get back to business!