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Male patterned baldness

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Gavin seems to be losing his hair.  We figured it would happen, I mean Bryan and I were both very blonde babies- it just makes sense that Gavin would be too.  So he’s starting to look like he has a receding hairline.  When I part it to the side, he looks just like Hitler but without the mustache.  I’ve always said that he looked like a little old man with a cheap toupee- but now that toupee is REALLY starting to look cheap.  It’s just so hard to imagine him without all that dark hair.  It’s become such a defining feature.  But I can see the new little blonde hairs coming in already, so even though its kind of funny looking and a little sad, it’s also exciting to see what he’s going to look like!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve gone off the deep end with the picture taking.  Me, the one who never remembered her camera on all those amazing travels.  Yep, I’m snapping pics left and right now.  Seriously, the ones you see here are only a few.  We have WAY more.  Only problem is that I don’t end up in very many of the pictures (mainly because I hate having my picture made!)  But I am in a couple this week.  Also, I’ll include a few more of those professional newborn pictures we had done.  And check out the last one… you can really see how much Gavin looks like Bryan.  Enjoy!



12 weeks

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Gavin is getting so BIG!  Check out the pictures below w/ all his cute little fat rolls!  And doesn’t he look just like Bryan?  Spittting image.  Every single day he does something new that amazes me.  Today we decided to go for a walk and take Gavin in his Baby Bjorn.  He really liked it!  He was awake and alert and looking all around.  He really loves to be outside (definitely did NOT get that from mommy!).  His daycare teachers take him for buggy rides when its nice out and they always say that he enjoys it so much.  But apparently the sun gets in his face and he gets mad so they asked us to get him a hat… guess we’ll be going shopping this weekend :-)   Daycare is going really well- I love having him at my office so I get to go down and visit during the day.  It makes it so much easier to be at work.  His teachers are really nice and Gavin is actually starting to interact with the other kiddos so that is fun to watch.  Everything is pretty quiet with us for the moment- I hope it lasts.  Tomorrow, Gavin is going to stay with Grandma while Mommy and Daddy go see the Lion King with Granny and Peyton.

 P.S.  I decided to start putting the new pictures with the posts… just makes it easier to see!