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11 weeks

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Wow, I can’t believe it has almost been 3 months since Gavin was born!  He has grown so much- he’s becoming a bit chunky!  Big difference from that skinny little thing in the hospital!  He has chubby cheeks and cute little fat rolls on his legs now.  He went to the doctor last week for his shots and he weighed 12 lbs 8 oz and was 23 3/4″ long.  He did surprisingly well with the shots.  Actually, he screamed louder when I stripped him down to weigh him!  I cried a little too- but we both survived ;-)

Bryan and I can waste hours just staring at him.  He’s so funny- all of his little expressions and sounds… its just so fun to watch.  Bryan has taught him a new trick- how to stick his tongue out.  In fact, Gavin has gotten so used to sticking his tongue out at Daddy that he does it as soon as he sees him- sometimes just when he hears him! 

Bryan and I took a quick one night trip to Disneyworld this weekend and Gavin stayed with Granny and Poppie.  It was good to get away- but I missed him so bad!  I guess I didn’t expect to miss him THAT much for just one night… but I did.   It’s so funny how differently we viewed Disneyworld this time- instead of rushing to ride all the rides, we took our time and just kept saying “I can’t wait until Gavin can come see/do this!”.  Not that we didn’t thoroughly enjoy ourselves- we never get tired of Disneyworld.  But we are so looking forward to sharing that with Gavin when he is old enough to really enjoy it too. 

9 weeks old

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Wow, 9 weeks has FLOWN by!  I’m back at work now and Gavin started daycare this week too.  He’s adjusted really well so far.  He sure has been sleeping well this week-  neither of us want to get up in the mornings!  It’s been a roller coaster for me all week, but overall I think I’m happy to be back at work.  We’ve been staying at my parents house this week while they are in Israel.  The commute has been awesome!  But next week we’ll be back to our house and start our routine w/ an hour-long commute each way.  At least we all get to ride in together- so its not like we are totally missing out on each other.  

Gavin is getting a lot more interactive now.  He smiles and laughs and he’s just starting to discover his hands.  He’ll just hold his fist out in front of his face and stare at it and turn it from side to side.  So cute.  He has to have his shots next week- I’m dreading it already. 

Great Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth are coming to meet Gavin tomorrow so we’ll try to get some pictures and then upload this weekend!