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5 weeks old

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Hard to believe its already been 5 weeks!  Gavin is doing great.  He really is a good baby.  Even when he’s fussy, he’s not that bad!  Poor guy has thrush right now (and mommy too :-P ), so he’s definitely not feeling his best.  We’ve got some medicine now, so hopefully we’ll be all better in a few days.  He’s actually been sleeping really well at night so that’s a blessing- we just hope he keeps it up!  I’m feeling much better these days so we are getting out and about a lot more now.  Yesterday, Gavin got to meet some of the folks at my office.  He got a little fussy towards the end though… it was lunch time!  I put up some more pictures of him… I know that most of them are while he’s sleeping- but he’s just so cute when he’s sleeping- I can’t resist snapping a picture!  He is becoming much more alert during the day though, so I’m sure we’ll get a lot more awake pictures in the next few weeks.  Well, this was kind of short, but it’s time for bed!


Newborn Professional Pictures

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

We had a newborn professional photo shoot with Gavin a couple weeks ago.  Here’s a link to the slideshow that she put together for us (be sure to turn up the sound!).


For more info about this photographer- visit her website at